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A good security fencing system can be one of the most important parts of your property’s overall security measures. Having effective perimeter security in Wembley is not just about making your premises look protected – it can be one of the most effective security and safety tools on the market.

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But how do you choose the best security fencing types for your needs, and what kind of fencing can be the most effective at keeping your property secure?

Why Hire from National Security Fencing?

We at National Security Fencing are a professional team of Wembley-based perimeter security solution experts. We understand all of the practical, residential and commercial applications of protecting your property, and our experience ranges from the most basic safety measures to protecting high-security sites with extremely durable fencing.

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Our Perimeter Security Fencing

As a professional Wembley perimeter security fencing company, we understand the need to have an effective security fencing system that you can rely on. Whether it is for residential areas, commercial businesses or other sites entirely, we can provide a high-security fencing system that perfectly meets with your security needs and expected risks.

Accredited Security Fencing Company

Our excellent range of work has earned us much accreditation, boasting a huge range of benefits for keeping intruders out.

Bespoke Work July 2024

We offer bespoke and unique fencing. Whether we are working with timber, mesh or metal, we can provide Wembley customers with whatever specific fencing they need. For example, if you want V mesh for your garden, we can get you V mesh for your garden, even choosing the V mesh based on your personal requirements.

Types of Fencing We Offer in Wembley

Our high-security fencing comes in many different styles, all of which are suitable for vastly different perimeter security needs. When it comes to security, a fence is not just a barrier, and our extensive range of fence options (as well as security toppings and other accessories) allows us to offer security fencing at varying security levels. All of these security fencing systems are designed to provide many benefits that some of the others can’t, and our experts can help you narrow down the ideal choice.


Vertical bar security fencing is an invaluable perimeter security fencing option in Wembley. We can provide regular vertical bar fencing with a flat top to act as a barrier or designs with a sharp topper that can prevent climbing. These are suitable for almost any site, whether that is school play areas, a fence behind a commercial property, or even a home security fence for your garden.


Our metal railings provide high-security results at any Wembley site, combining great aesthetics with a secure design to give you a fence that both looks good and keeps intruders at bay. We have a wide selection of metal fencing options on offer, with multiple ways to customise the metal railings to suit your personal tastes and fencing needs.


Our welded mesh panels offer full visibility while also securing your property in Wembley. Whether you want specialist security mesh fencing with a sharp spiked topper or a simple residential fence, our experts know how to put up mesh fencing that is both sturdy and flexible. Mesh fencing is inherently more versatile than other options – we can wrap mesh fencing around corners, put mesh fencing at the bottom of hills, or even combine mesh fencing with other types for twice the protection.


This Loss Prevention Standard-compliant security fencing comes in many forms and is ideal for commercial properties that want a well-planned security and insurance strategy. This security fencing ticks all of the right boxes for several legal requirements, making it one of the best security fencing products available for ensuring that you will be protected if something gets stolen.

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Our fence toppings and spikes are suitable for almost all kinds of existing security fencing, allowing you to upgrade even the most basic mesh fencing with a range of intruder deterrents. From high-quality steel spikes and sharp combs to barbed wire, we can supply your Wembley security fencing with the upgrades needed to ensure full protection on all sites. This includes gates, fence doors, and any other walls or surfaces that need additional security.


Our tubular fencing systems in Wembley are able to boost the protection, strength and durability of chain link and welded mesh fencing. With multiple options to offer, we can upgrade your existing mesh fencing to make the materials much more durable and to make sure that the mesh fencing itself will hold off any intruders trying to sneak their way in.


Alongside our other options is a range of temporary security fencing options in Wembley for dealing with short-notice or short-term security issues. This includes a variety of mesh fencing, all of which can be moved into place with ease for added protection. The modular design ensures that any single piece can be turned into a gate with minimal effort, and the mesh fencing itself is both easy to store and constantly reusable.


Schools in Wembley require strong security, and our security fencing products include many varieties that are perfect for keeping schools secured. These meld simple aesthetics and excellent security to provide something that can protect students (and the property) while being both safe and pleasant to look at. Not only can these keep schools secure, but they can also be useful in other aspects, such as splitting up outdoor areas, defining sports courts, or limiting where students can go while still letting staff access blocked-off areas.


Sports fencing in Wembley can be important for keeping sports areas contained and offering better safety while also meaning that important equipment can’t be stolen in locked-up pitches and courts. Even without the security element, proper fencing is an important part of ensuring that an outdoor space has proper boundaries: something that can help players avoid accidents, as well as making sure that nobody wanders into the middle of a game in progress.


Acoustic fencing panels in Wembley are designed to reduce noise levels. These acoustic barriers are not just useful for comfort and privacy but can also boost security by limiting what bystanders and eavesdroppers can hear. Beyond that, these acoustic barriers can be handled like any other piece of fencing, with the added benefit of total privacy to help obscure the space behind it. The best form of security is making sure that nobody can see the vulnerabilities in your property, after all.


Our CPNI (Centre for the Protection of Natural Infrastructure) rated fencing panels are tested performance-wise, passing the CPNI guidelines for overall security benefits. These are some of the most high-security fencing options we can provide in Wembley, designed to protect well against everything from vandalism to domestic terrorism. While these aspects obviously depend on the design as well, these are still incredibly powerful security fencing options with a huge range of core benefits behind them.


V mesh fencing uses a very basic design that works extremely well. Good V mesh fencing uses a V-shaped pattern to create more tension in the materials, ensuring that nobody can climb it effectively. Not only that, but most V mesh fencing becomes harder to climb due to the V angles, meaning that V mesh can keep your site secure if you do not want to install an obvious spiked topper.

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Our Security Fencing System Options

We have a huge range of fencing options designed to suit all kinds of clients, broken up into the categories above. However, these categories do not cover everything else – the other fencing details we can include that go beyond simple categories. While the fences are the main element here, there is a lot more to secure site fence systems than just the fencing on its own.


Gates are a big part of how we build fencing. Gates allow easy access, but you want gates that can still be secure. Beyond that, some fencing systems can be used as gates on their own or come with gates built into parts of the design. Others use separate gates entirely. We can even provide limited gate automation options to let your gates work electrically, meaning that you can open the gates and close the gates remotely using a control station or remote.


Choosing the right materials is important. We can offer a huge range of options, from galvanised and/or powder-coated metals to timber, that all fall into different niches. For example, galvanised and powder-coated surfaces are common as prison security fencing, and many people use galvanised metal as a general high-strength option. High-quality steel can also be powder-coated to reduce corrosion, and timber can be treated for better results overall.

Powder-Coated Metals

Powder-coated surfaces in Wembley make for powerful commercial fencing, offering more rust resistance while also providing an easy surface to clean graffiti vandalism off.


Galvanised metal is very durable and eco-friendly while also remaining low-maintenance. Even wire netting can be galvanised, giving it stronger durability than most V mesh fencing.


Timber is tough and looks great – and has the added benefit of being much more solid. This means that most timber wall systems and fence systems are made as solid fences rather than mesh-style designs. Unless you request a specific design, this means that you can have a full range of timber fence options for maximum privacy and security while also blocking out sound.


We will work with every client to get the exact details of their fencing requirements right. Even simple garden mesh fencing in Wembley can require a lot of work – we may have to check for mesh options between three fencing centres, present you with multiple mesh options, and then let you choose the mesh you are looking for. Even the distinction between mesh and V mesh can be important, especially if you want a highly specific kind of mesh.

Security Fencing Hire Wembley

We can offer our security fencing as a hire option, allowing you to hire temporary security fencing of almost any type. This can be incredibly important for a wide range of situations, allowing you to get access to fencing types that you might otherwise never be able to afford to install. Beyond that, our security fencing services are very flexible – we will discuss each client’s requests at a pace that suits them, figuring out the best way to proceed with the hiring process and arrangement.

Security Fencing Costs Wembley

The average cost of security fencing in Wembley varies quite heavily. In general, £13.50 per metre is the expected average, but some security fencing choices can be as high as £22.50 or more – while others can be far lower. Our experts work with every client to make sure that we know what kind of budget they are working under, what their limitations might be, and the kind of security fencing they are looking for when it comes to protecting their property.

Estimating Costs

Costs can be a highly variable thing, and we take extra steps to be absolutely sure that we are working within your budget. This means that we take every piece of fence, all of the gates, all of the materials and any other security upgrades into account, planning out the project alongside you so that we can be completely sure of how the fence is going to be installed. The more we both plan ahead, the easier it becomes to avoid unexpected costs or budgetary concerns.


What type of fence is best for security?

In terms of raw security, many people suggest that a straightforward steel bar fence with a security topper (such as barbed wire or spikes) is the most practical security fencing option. However, we have such a wide selection of fencing systems on offer that there is no single ideal choice – each fence offers different security benefits in both commercial and domestic locations, and there is a range of ways we can adapt almost all fences with new attachments or improvements to boost their security benefits even further.

What is the standard height of a security fence?

A typical security fencing system is about eight to ten feet tall. Occasionally, high-security areas will choose security fencing that reaches above fourteen feet in total. However, you can also get smaller barriers for a more subtle kind of security and privacy, and some property owners prefer small barriers with sharp toppers as a more direct way of limiting where intruders can go. Security fencing can have a lot of varying factors, and height is one of the most notable.

What is security fencing?

Security fencing is any kind of fence that provides some kind of protection, usually by stopping people from breaking through the fencing or climbing over it. Standard security fencing might be mesh fencing with a metal spiked topper: a combination that makes the security fencing itself see-through but stops anybody from climbing over it without getting stabbed by the sharp points. This prevents intruders from getting into your property.

How can I make my fence more secure?

Fence security can be upgraded in a range of ways. An existing security fence could get an extra topper that prevents people from simply climbing over, and certain types (such as mesh fencing) often end up with reinforcements to make them more durable. For example, you could upgrade basic mesh fencing panels with spike rotary systems as a topper, meaning that nobody can climb the fence or even vault over the top without being seriously injured. Then, you could add some mesh fencing supports to help hold the fence steady and improve its durability.

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If you want to know more about our fencing, or need to discuss any specifics, then you can get in touch with us directly to learn more. We have had a lot of experience providing fencing to a huge range of commercial and domestic clients and can provide secure, practical, reliable fencing on request to suit a huge range of site types and locations.


We are some of the best UK security fencing companies around, providing great alternatives to common choices like the Jacksons Fencing or Barbican range. This site of ours is just the beginning – we have countless fences in supply and a huge range of ways to modify them to suit your needs. Our services focus entirely on giving clients the systems they request, even if that means modifying them to suit the situation or employing one of our range of upgrades to improve the existing fence.

Whether you are going for a high basket quantity of large-scale mesh fencing systems like those from Jacksons Fencing or just choosing a basic V mesh panel to outfit a weak point in your garden, we can provide you with the options you need. We serve the whole UK, providing invaluable fencing systems on request.

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If you want to know more about the products we offer, then check out our toggle menu security fencing category, or contact our experts directly. The sooner you get in contact, the sooner we can find the right Wembley fences to fit your requests and requirements, even if that means looking through all categories of the fencing systems we have on offer to find something that matches your overall goals.

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"We weren't initially convinced that we needed new security fencing, but the finished systems we have now are a step up from our old design. The gate automation, as well as the toppers on the north, west and east sides of the property, have made us all a lot more comfortable working in the outdoor areas of our site."

Ethan Spencer
Greater London

"Our gates were always hard to protect, and we've had large animals sneak into our garden before. Upgrading to stronger domestic security fencing has really made a difference, especially with the recent cases of vandalism in our area. Would absolutely get fencing from them again."

Stephen Dotson
Greater London

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